About Pamas

Pamas provides an overview of maritime courses at academic level. Pamas is a certification by and for the maritime industry. The certification is provided by experts from the sector to courses that meet the quality criteria as set forth by the industry.


Companies in the maritime industry are looking for good technical courses at academic level in order to further develop the knowledge and skills of their staff. Both companies and knowledge institutions have concluded that an overview of available courses, their quality and their coherence was missing. This is why they have jointly initiated the Pamas certification.


The joint goal for Pamas of companies and knowledge institutions is to stimulate, organize and facilitate a program of technical academic professional trainings that are of recognized high quality and can be used to develop the knowledge of professionals in the sector.

This program shall be used for the development of knowledge of both junior and senior employees in the sector. The courses focus on basic knowledge and on broadening or deepening the technical and system-analytical knowledge with an application in the various maritime sectors. Knowledge that is required to execute and/or lead the design and integration of complex maritime systems.

Who are we?

The Pamas organization is founded to ensure that Pamas certification is executed independently and professionally. Apart from our secretariat, the organization consists of a program council and the evaluation committee.

The program council is responsible for the certification protocol and its execution. In this council, companies and knowledge institutions that represent the broad maritime domain are represented.

The evaluation committee consists of at least 3 independent permanent members and may be supplemented by a course-dependent content expert. Per January 1st 2015, the permanent members are:

The full certification protocol may be downloaded here. For more information, please send an email with your question to info@pamaskeurmerk.nl or contact us by phone at +31(0)6 1239 0857