For students

Broadening or deepening of knowledge is important for your career in the maritime industry. If you are at the beginning of your maritime career or already have much experience, through the various basic and advanced courses from the Pamas program, you develop your technical knowledge to 'the next level'.

Why do you choose a Pamas-certified course?

Course from the Pamas program have been assigned the Pamas certificate. This is done on the basis of quality criteria set by experts from maritime practice. To you, this means a guarantee of a high quality course that is tailored to maritime practice. Because the certificate is set up for and by the maritime industry and knowledge institutions, this means that you not only develop yourself but you also get a common recognition of the expertise you developed.

Because the courses are aimed at the current maritime practice and have clear demands regarding the level and learning objectives, at the courses you will meet colleagues from other companies with the same ambition, experience and questions. Inspiring and good for your network.

For who?

If you are just starting your career or already have broad experience in the maritime sector, Pamas offers an overview of quality courses for everyone. The Pamas certificate is only given to technical academic courses for the maritime sector.

In the basic courses segment, you can find courses that are suitable for starters or for those with a limited number of years of experience. The segment of advanced courses really goes deep and in many cases demands a broad experience in maritime technology. To participate in the courses from the program you shall have at least a bachelor's degree. You can check the entry specifications at each course.