Pamas: THE place for academic maritime courses

ATTENTION. DUE TO CIRCUMSTANCES, YOU ARE CURRENTLY VIEWING A STATIC VERSION OF THE PAMAS WEBSITE WITH LIMITED FUNCTIONALITY. Companies in the maritime industry are looking for good technical courses at academic level in order to further develop the knowledge and skills of their staff. In many companies, an overview of available courses, their quality and their coherence is missing. This is why they have jointly initiated the Pamas certification. Courses that are certified are labelled as academic courses of good quality. For the development of senior staff, the maritime industry uses courses that are available from Pamas.

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For students

Broadening or deepening of your knowledge is important for your career in the maritime industry. If you are at the beginning of your maritime career or already have much experience, through the various basic and advanced courses from the Pamas program, you develop your technical knowledge to 'the next level'

For course providers

Does your institution offer an academic course for the maritime industry, apply for Pamas certification now. After a positive review by experts from the maritime industry, you have a certified course and your course is offered to the maritime sector and used for the development of technical staff

Pamas certification

Pamas provides an overview of maritime courses at academic level. Pamas is a certification by and for the maritime industry. The certification is provided by experts from the sector to courses that meet the quality criteria as set forth by the industry.